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Tips and Advice

At Fastclear Drainage many of the blocked drains we attend could be avoided by regularly following a few simple steps.  Blocked drains can cause inconvenience, bad smells, flooding and health hazards.


Here are some simple tips to help;


Never dispose of insoluble items such as baby wipes, sanitary items and nappies, even if they say they are flushable as these are the main cause of blocked toilets Gloucester.


Avoid fitting bathroom cabinets near your toilet, as items may drop into the toilet bowl causing blockages and damage to the toilet its self.


Whilst kids will be kids, try to avoid leaving loose objects around the bathroom, as they do love to see what will swim!!


Regularly remove hair from your sink, shower and bath plugholes and if you can access the traps, clean these as well.


Never empty fat, grease or food waste into the drain, and after washing up always run hot water for a while to help disperse of any greasy residue.


Clean leaves and other debris away from your outside drains, gutters and gully’s.

Following these simple steps should help to reduce the likelihood of a blocked drain, however if your drain blocks call your local Gloucestershire drainage company for help




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